About the project

"MIGRA – Promote Integration by Awareness Raising and Counselling"

Education and Culture DG Europe for Citizens Programme      Bundeskanzleramt Frauen

This project is part of the Europe for Citizens Programme for the promotion of active European citizenship. The Federal Minister for Women and Civil Service is co-financing the project.

Project period

1.8.2009 – 30.7.2010

Project coordinators

Network of Austrian Counselling Centres for Women and Girls
Stumpergasse 41-43/II/R3
A-1060 Vienna
phone: +43-1-5953760
fax: +43-1-5953761
contact: Rosemarie Ertl
e-mail: rosemarie.ertl@netzwerk-frauenberatung.at

Short description of the project

Objectives and actors

The goal of MIGRA is the awareness raising for the specific needs and problems of women migrants, by providing information on the legal conditions as well as by contributing to a change of attitude – based on the European values’ system (tolerance, solidarity, mutual understanding, etc.). Within the framework of seminars, workshops and an international conference we would like to reach a large number of multipliers. Experts will give trainings for the counselling of women migrants and the counsellors will use their newly acquired know-how in their work with the clients. Eleven partners from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and the Slovak Republic will be creating a strong network of actors from public institutions and NGOs

Project design

The project will be carried out by organising four different types of events: